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Ovid Gelan Gurra City

Ovid Gelan Gurra City is a pioneering urban development initiative dedicated to reshaping sustainable living in the heart of Addis Ababa. Our vision is to craft a future-focused urban environment that seamlessly blends modern amenities with ecological sustainability, while our mission is to provide diverse and affordable living options within a vibrant, inclusive community.

Where tomorrow thrives today

Ovid Gelan Gurra City stands as a visionary urban development endeavor poised to redefine sustainable living within the bustling heart of Addis Ababa. This community seamlessly integrates 60,000 residential units with expansive green spaces and essential services, forging a dynamic urban ecosystem that prioritizes both modern amenities and ecological sustainability. Our mission is clear: to provide diverse and affordable living options within this vibrant, inclusive community, crafting a future-focused environment where residents can thrive in harmony with their surroundings.

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Central Greenways

Encircling the development, providing jogging and cycling paths.

Neighborhood Parks

Tailored for recreation, markets, and gatherings.

Pedestrian Pathways

Facilitating easy and safe movement between neighborhoods.

Sports Facilities

Integrated areas for various athletic activities

Market Areas

Large district markets accessible via greenways.

Natural Landscaping

Preserved riverbeds and slopes for environmental integrity.


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

wide range of amenities and luxury

Standard Apartment

G + 12
4860 Units
Parking 1:1
1Br= 41.82 m2
2Br = 69.31 m2
3Br = 91.17 m2

Deluxe Apartment

G + 8
640 Units
Parking 1.5:1
1Br= 64.58 m2
2Br = 109.62 m2
3Br = 142.24 m2

Premium Apartment

G + 25
600 Units
Parking 2:1
2Br = 160.41 m2
3Br = 180.67 m2

Town House

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